Polished Aluminum

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ALP Polished Aluminum

Polished Aluminum


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Polished Aluminum
Type Metal Finish
Status Active
Offering Steelcase Surfaces
Collection Standard Finishes
Brand Steelcase
Region EMEA
This finish is available on the following product lines:
(H) Horizontal (V) Vertical (FC) Fire Code
Kalidro EMEA
Touchdown2 EMEA

*Please Note

Digital surface material images are provided as a preliminary colour reference and should not be used for final colour selection; order and view an actual sample. Due to individual screen settings, colour, texture, and pattern size may vary from the actual sample.

Not every finish is available on every product component; please reference product specification guides and the COM database for finish availability details.

+Yarn used in making this material contains less than 100 parts per million of antimony.

*This material is certified by MBDC as having less than 100 parts per million of any heavy metals of concern.